Zoe's Lottie Themed 5th Birthday Party

One of our amazing Lottie superfans, Zoe Lennon (5 years old) had a Forest Friend themed birthday party last weekend - how amazing is that? We caught up with Zoe's mum Emma to hear all about the party planning and preparation, and Zoe also told us all about her birthday party!


Making the colourful pinata, and lots of homemade party treats!


1) Where are you from? 

Dublin, Ireland 


2) Describe yourself in 3 words

  1. "Kind, because I help my little brother, and my big brother too sometimes, but mostly he does things himself"
  2. "Fast, because my runners let me go as fast as a lightening"
  3. "Clever, because my muinteoir [teacher] has teached me lots of Irish and I'm not even in big school yet"


3) Which Lottie/Finn would you say you're most like? Why?

Zoe - "Muddy Puddles looks like me because she's got short hair like me. I like Snow Queen clothes the best because they are beautiful. I love things that are sparkly and her dress is really sparkly. " 

Mum, Emma - "Zoe had her first proper haircut on New Year's Eve and donated her ponytail to the Rapunzel Foundation - Muddy Puddles had her hair cut at the same time."

Zoe with her short-haired pal, Muddly Puddles (who borrowed Forest Friend's dress!)


4) Why do you like Lottie? 

"Because she is my most favourite toy. I like swapping the clothes around and mix up what they are wearing."


5) You recently had a Lottie themed party - can you tell us more about your birthday party and why you picked a Lottie-theme?

"I wanted to have a fairy party, and Forest Friend looks like a fairy to me except she doesn't have wings, but Mammy made some for her so now she looks like a real fairy. Muddy Puddles took a turn of Forest Friend's dress so she could be the fairy at my party with all my friends. 

We got wings for all my friends to wear if they wanted to. And magic wands too. I got purple because I'm the birthday girl and all the other wings were pink. 

Me and mammy made a piñata and filled it with treats, and it looked like Forest Friend because it was the same colour as her dress. We got in a line to pull a golden string and it was really funny because it didn't open until we pulled the last string. The treats fell on the grass and we all got some." 


"I picked out chocolate fingers for the party because they look like branches. We got butterfly and caterpillar jellies too, because they're in the forest. I asked for a humongous bowl of strawberries because they're so yummy but we forgot to get blueberries. I made chocolate Krispie nests with mammy and we put chocolate eggs in them. I told my friends they were birds eggs. But they weren't really. I was only playing a trick on them. Mammy and me made some sparkly wands to eat too. I did most of the hard work cutting out the stars and putting the sticks in. 

We played pass the parcel on the trampoline like we did for my birthday when I was four. I love pass the parcel, it's lots of fun."

Happy (belated) 5th Birthday Zoe - thank you for telling us all about your birthday!
We hope you had a wonderful day :)

Huge thanks to mum Emma for sending this into us, you can follow her on Instagram for more amazing pictures: @Lottie_Lennon

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