Lottie MD Ian Harkin chats to Pat Kenny on Newstalk about what’s next for Lottie…

20th November – The Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk

Listen back here: Part 2 of the Show


Lottie is no ordinary doll; she’s based on a real child, promotes female empowerment, cultural diversity and also disabilities - things that are often disregarded and neglected in the toy industry.” – Pat Kenny


Pat Kenny interviewed our very own Lottie Dolls MD, Ian Harkin, on Newstalk on Monday 20th November. They chatted about how Lottie came about, what makes her different, and what’s in store for Lottie in future 😊


Chatting about the new Wildlife Photographer Mia doll, who wears a cochlear implant, Ian had this to say, “With regards to disabilities, we’ve found that kids, when they see a representation of kids with different disabilities, they develop empathy towards those kids.”


The doll isn’t sold as a ‘doll with a disability’, it’s sold as, in this particular case Mia is a Wildlife Photographer, and she just happens to have a hearing impairment… We want to make it available to everybody, and make it normal, normalised.” – Ian Harkin


Ian Harkin had this to say about what makes Lottie different, what makes her special, “Everything she [Lottie] does, the clothes she wears are what kids do and play… it’s all about having fun, enjoying your childhood, and because she is a 9-year old we are able to address things that actually happen in their lives; so things like bullying, diversity, body image… they’re just subliminal messages that we are able to address whilst we are delivering fun and play for kids.


Pat Kenny asks, “Are you still open to more ideas because one of my listeners Emma says, ‘How can my daughter get in touch with Ian if she has an idea or a theme for a doll?’” – If you have an idea for a product, get in touch or check out our Inspired by Real Kids monthly competitions to become the next Lottie Dolls Designer!


Forest Friend Lottie
Tree House
Muddy Puddles Lottie

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